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The Homeschooling Conference in your Home!

Want to learn all about homeschooling from 27 experts – all from the comfort of your couch?

Guess what? You can! We’ve recorded 33 brilliant homeschooling workshops for you and added an amazing bundle of 25 homeschooling resources. 

Want to know exactly what you’ll learn? Keep reading to get all the details about the amazing workshops.



Getting started with homeschooling

Sometimes, just starting can be the hardest step to take. Learn from long-time homeschoolers how you can make the best decision, how to deschool and step beyond the school mentality, and how you can transform your terror of this huge change into excitement and confidence.

Belinda Letchford

Live Life with your Kids

Deschool before you Homeschool for the Strongest Start

Whether you are new at homeschooling, or need a fresh look at what you are doing, deschooling may be the most important decision you make. When we homeschool we have the opportunity to do things differently than schools, but it is a hard transition to make. Deschooling is a season of time where we transition from school thinking to homeschool lifestyle. During this workshop Belinda gives four key activities that will ensure that each individual child and the family as a whole is given the best opportunities to excel. You will come away feeling confident that you can not only ease into your homeschooling lifestyle, but develop a solid foundation for years to come.

Beverly Burgess

Beverly Burgess

Homeschooling-Getting Past the Fear

Fear is prevalent in everything we do, and homeschooling is no different.

Join Homeschool Coach, Author, and Keynote speaker, Beverly Burgess as she helps you work through your blocks to homeschooling. Bev’s webinars are based on practicality, simplicity, and deep work to get to the heart of the matter. You’ll walk away feeling stronger and more confident in your own homeschooling after learning Bev’s no-nonsense approach to fear.

Kathy Lee Eggers

The Homegrown Preschooler

Making the Decision to Homeschool

Are you thinking about joining the millions of families that have chosen to educate their children at home? Are you feeling overwhelmed by this decision? Join me as I share my real journey of homeschooling, the highs and lows; the real life of a long term homeschooler. After watching this workshop, I know you will feel more confident about making the best decision for your family.

Styles and Approaches to Homeschooling

One thing you’ll realise pretty quickly about homeschooling is that there are many different ways to do it! While this is a huge positive, and the basis of truly individualised learning, it can also be overwhelming as you try to sift through all of the styles and ideas that people talk about.

Let us guide you through some of the most popular homeschooling styles and approaches so you can see what they look like in practice and decide what is right for your family.

Learning in the Real World: How to Help It Thrive

When we first decide our children aren’t going to go to school, it can be daunting to envision how they’re going to learn instead. The great thing is, we don’t need to re-create the ethos of school in our homes to help our children’s learning thrive in the real world. In this workshop, join Pam as she digs into the conventional wisdom that surrounds learning. To do that, she’s going to explore three characteristics of real and effective learning: engagement; motivation; and time to think. By the end, you’ll be well on your way to recognizing and encouraging your children’s real learning—even when it doesn’t look like school at all.

How to Add Fun to Your Homeschool (Even If You Aren’t a “Fun” Mom)


(That’s the math symbol for “less than”. Is that how you’ve been feeling?) You want to create special moments in your homeschool but you just don’t know how. Or don’t have the time or money. Or *gasp* maybe you aren’t a “fun” mom? Hogwash! It’s time to bust some “fun” mom myths and discover your personal definition of homeschool fun. In this workshop, Amy will teach you the benefits of homeschool fun, as well as how to uncover and crush personal blocks to homeschool fun. By the end, you will construct a custom plan to start adding fun to your homeschool this week. Let Amy help you unleash your inner “fun” mom and boost your homeschool.

Elizabeth Campbell

My Emerald Nest

Year-Round Homeschooling – Is it Right for You?

Year-Round Homeschooling. Do these words fill you with fear or do they inspire possibilities? Fearful or inspired, Elizabeth will walk you through the ins and outs of a year-round homeschool schedule. You will begin by identifying both the pros and cons of a year-round schedule. Next you will dive into the logistics of planning a year-round schedule, exploring the many ways that one can structure a year-round calendar. In addition, you will dig into what you should consider when scheduling your year. Finally, by the end of this workshop, you will be able confidently decide if year-round homeschooling is right for you and your family.

Meghann Dibrell

Practically Hippie

9 Essentials of a Charlotte Mason Education for the Early Years

Is a Charlotte Mason education the right fit for your preschooler? Delaying formal education until 6 years old can be intimidating, but Charlotte Mason provides the tools to create an atmosphere and life ripe for learning. In this workshop, Meghann will teach you the basic principles of a Charlotte Mason education and how to implement them in your homeschool. We’ll identify valuable opportunities to nourish your child’s natural love of learning without formal lessons, and by the end, you’ll recognize the great value in cherishing the early years as a quiet growing time that shouldn’t be rushed.

Bethany Ishee

Bethany Ishee

An Educating Life: The Simple Plan for an Engaging Homeschool

Is another day of checklists and workbook pages leaving you, and your children, uninspired? Have you become a slave to your “plan”? Would you like to have an engaging homeschool that excites both you and your children? In this workshop, Bethany will guide you through envisioning your perfect homeschool day, help you to release the school mindset that inhibits creativity, and formulate a plan for an educating life. Additionally, we’ll identify resources that will serve your goal of creating an engaging homeschool. Once completed, you will have a guide to a life of learning that will kindle curiosity in both yourself and your children.

Homeschooling with Unit Studies

Unit studies offer flexibility in homeschooling that can’t be beat! Independence in learning, hands-on activities, literature-rich environments, and use with multiple ages are just some of the wonderful aspects of themed studies.

Besides learning why unit studies are so wonderful, you’ll also see how easy it is to incorporate them into your daily schedule. During this very practical workshop, you’ll be inspired with ideas no matter what homeschooling method you currently use.

Sara Jordan Panning

Embracing Destiny

Why You Need a Morning Basket – and How to Make It the Heart of Your Homeschool

Are you a slow starter in the mornings? Feeling unprepared, pulled in a million directions, and just plain too chaotic to start your homeschool days productively and peacefully? As a confirmed night owl and homeschool mom to three, Sara knows just how you feel. After fighting the frustration of hurried mornings, she learned to incorporate the morning basket into her homeschool routine. Now she wants to share that with you so you can simplify your efforts and build a foundation of lifelong learning into your homeschool mornings. Whatever your method, you can benefit from making the morning basket the heart of your homeschool.

Kerry McDonald

Whole Family Learning

Self-Directed Education and the Future of Learning

Schooling is a relatively recent societal construct. Learning is a natural condition of being human. Over the past 150+ years learning has been confined to the four walls of the school classroom. Even homeschoolers, free from the constraints of forced schooling, often replicate school at home. It doesn’t have to be this way. Schooling is one method of education but it is not the only one and, I argue, not the best one for the Imagination Age.

In this workshop, my 11-year-old unschooled daughter, Molly, and I will talk about what Self-Directed Education looks like in our family and how passion-centered learning drives our days.

Kelly George

Fearless Homeschool

Low-tech Homeschooling

Sometimes, it can feel as if everyone is on a screen all the time. But can you actually educate in 2018 without excessive screen time?

You can – and we do. We choose to use technology mindfully, and it’s led to a pretty low-tech homeschool that everyone’s happy with – yes, even my three teenagers!

It’s not an attempt to live in the past or reject the progress of society – rather, it’s the result of a series of conscious decisions made so that we can ensure that our technology use benefits us. Join me and find out how to intentionally use technology so you get all the benefits, but none of the drawbacks. 

Demystifying homeschooling subjects

Intimidated by maths? No idea where to start with science? Can’t tell the difference between a Monet and a Picasso?

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered!

Learn how experienced homeschooling parents help their children learn the essentials – even if they’re not experts themselves. Because you really don’t have to be an expert to be an effective teacher or co-learner – isn’t that great news?!

Dr. Melanie Wilson

Grammar Galaxy Books

How to Make Language Arts Fun Whatever Your Curriculum

You want your children to be good readers and writers, but they don’t seem to share your goal. In this session you’ll learn the secrets to motivating reluctant readers and writers. Forget grammar groans and the eww’s that English gets you now. Your kids will learn to love language arts, whichever curriculum you choose.

Kendra Fletcher

Kendra Fletcher

Science For Moms Who Don’t Like Science

Science is a daunting subject to teach if you don’t love it or feel you don’t know a whole lot about it. Come learn about approaches to elementary science, junior high science, and even high school science from a mom just like you!

Ginny Kochis

Not So Formulaic

Creating a Culture of Writers at Home

Raising a writer isn’t about curriculum or assignments. In truth, it’s much more organic: it starts with the culture you build in your home. In this session, homeschool mom and writing teacher Ginny Kochis will provide you with practical, actionable tips suitable for creating a natural love of literacy. You’ll learn creative techniques for connecting through writing, designed to break down the barriers to composition at home. What’s more, you’ll develop a game plan for encouraging critical thinking, a valuable skill for your children as they grow. Raising a writer is raising a thinker – and the best part is, it starts at home with you.

Active Maths

Too often, maths is seen as a textbook-only subject when it is really all around us. We apply it on a daily basis, often without realising that what we are doing IS maths. This workshop will teach parents HOW to see maths as a subject with wide applications and supply ideas to take maths from real life to the equations on paper.



World Schooling from Home

You no longer have to be a world traveler to travel the world – there is a lifestyle to global living that you can create around your kitchen table. In this workshop I will give you the tools you need to provide your children with playful adventures, to grow their hearts and try new things so that you too, can become world schoolers… while sitting at your kitchen table.

Kathie Morrisey

The Character Corner

Instilling Character Into Your Children

Character is the most important fruit that parents can nurture in their children, and is the foundation for academic learning. Discover how character is learned and how to establish a plan for teaching it to your children. Kathie will give several creative ways you can encourage your children to develop in this important area. After hearing this, you will be motivated, and full of ideas to use with your own children.

Kirstee Lee Raki

This Whole Home

Introducing Children to the Wonderful World of Nature Studies

There’s something magical about seeing children exploring the world around them. If you’ve seen all of those beautiful Instagram photos of children wandering the forests or sketching in nature journals, I’ll wager you’ve found yourself wishing you knew how to include a little of that enchantment in your own homeschool. Getting started with nature studies can be daunting but it doesn’t have to be. This workshop will give you the tools you need to bring the wonder of nature studies into your home.

Kim Santee

Learning Hypothesis

How to Homeschool Science with Mulitiple Ages

Science is one of the topics that often gets pushed to the side for read aloud time or history projects due to overwhelm, but no more! In this workshop, you will learn my approach to teaching family style science that makes sure that science is getting done in your homeschool. Focus on creating hands-on science lessons that everyone in the family can enjoy. I’ll provide my step-by-step process for making changes to your curriculum to make it friendly for your entire homeschool.

Lotus Stewart

Art History Kids

Art with Heart: creating an intentional and meaningful art practice

Join the Art with Heart Workshop and learn 5 steps that will take your homeschool art studies from “meh” to “wow!” I’ll give you a map that will show you how easy it is to implement a meaningful art exploration plan in your homeschool! You’ll be invited to consider the value of including art in your homeschool, connect with your kids through conversations about art, create invitations for kids to make meaningful art, curate a plan that is tailor made for YOUR family, and cultivate a lifestyle of art exploration with your kids. You’ll finish the workshop inspired to include more art (with heart) in your homeschool, and you’ll have a simple action plan to infuse your homeschool with creativity!

Kendra Fletcher

Kendra Fletcher

Choosing Curriculum

Confused by the choices? Overwhelmed by the vendor hall? Straightforward advice on choosing the curriculum that fits your family best, from seasoned homeschooling mom and curriculum reviewer for The Old Schoolhouse® Magazine, Kendra Fletcher. What are the different approaches to homeschooling and how do you decide what’s best for your home? What makes a curriculum a good choice for your family? Kendra will help you navigate the vast array of options and walk back into that vendor hall ready to narrow your purchases to exactly what you need.

Getting it all done – even in special situations

Unfortunately, making the decision to homeschool doesn’t magically cause a live-in cook/housekeep/driver/masseur to appear. As well as having your children with you most of the time and being responsible for their education, you also need to keep juggling the rest of your responsibilities. It can definitely be tricky, but we have lots of help for you on how to make it all happen.

And let’s face it – life isn’t always smooth sailing. Sometimes you’ll need to juggle homeschooling with new babies, special needs, or any one of dozens of situations that can cause interruptions. That’s life – and right here you can learn how to homeschool along with the problems and ebbs and flows.

Creating Balance, Preserving Sanity

Home education is rewarding and yet it can be incredibly challenging. Families have unique challenges and individual cultures which impact and shape their path. The advent of new babies, the juggling of toddlers to teens, meeting the learning challenges of each, managing a home, dealing with illnesses, the demands of extended families – living with the realities of all these and more is a constant juggle and a massive challenge. How do we do this and maintain sanity?

Join Erin as she shares snippets of her family’s journey over the past twenty four years, some of their tips and tricks that have been hard learnt over two decades of home education. See how a family of ten children from 4 to 24 years can be challenged to stretch and grow in all areas: academically, socially, spiritually, emotionally and physically.

Shannon Young

The Care Factor

How to balance it all as a homeschooling mum

When you start out to homeschool, you tend to have that idealised vision of kids sitting quietly learning, or out and about in nature soaking up the lessons that only mother nature can give us. You picture yourself happy, patient and smiling as you engage with your children. However for many that is not the case, many find that they are overwhelmed with the responsibility, burnt out being “the best homeschooling mum ever!” and have little time for themselves because there is no down time for the teacher (them!) This webinar will show you how to set yourself up for balance as a homeschooling mum so that you are the parent that your children need right now and you can be you.

Kathie Morrisey

The Character Corner

Frustrated and stressed (and maybe a little angry)

Are you a frustrated homeschooling parent? Many homeschooling parents struggle with stress, anger, and discouragement. Kathie discusses several causes of frustration, and then tells how to deal with them. She also stresses the importance of dealing with anger, and having the right spirit in dealing with our children. You don’t have to be stressed and frustrated! Get practical answers to help you find peace and joy in your homeschool.

Andrea Townsley

The Townsley Times

Stress Less with Systems and Routines

They say the days are long but the years are short. This is especially true for homeschool moms! We pack a lot into each day, trying to balance school, activities and our responsibilities at home. Sometimes you dread getting up in the morning because your plate is so full…all the while your kids are growing up before your very eyes, but you are too stressed to truly participate. It doesn’t have to be this way! Andrea will show you a few of her favorite systems and routines to optimize your time and energy spent on the things homeschool moms struggle with most at home: preparing meals, tidying up and running the whole show with confidence.

Adele Jarrett-Kerr

Beautiful Tribe UK

How will I homeschool my older kids when the baby comes?

Many expectant parents worry that a new baby will disrupt their homeschool routine. They may be facing the external pressure of questions from well-meaning friends and family about how they’ll manage to keep homeschooling older children in the hectic newborn period or with a busy toddler in tow. This workshop aims to reassure parents that it is not only possible but beneficial to keep homeschooling after the baby comes. We’ll also think about how this might look in practice, complete with a few helpful tips to consider.

Challenges and Struggles – Helping Our Children When Learning is Hard

When a child is struggling to learn or feeling challenged, they can quickly shut down. We’ve all been there. We’re trying to help our child and our help is met with tears and a refusal to keep going. Maybe things are thrown, papers are ripped, and pencils are broken. Learning? It’s not happening. At least not the learning we hoped would happen. Instead, what’s sinking in is how X is too hard, impossible, or no fun. Our child might be left feeling like a failure. Maybe we are too. Let’s take a look at practical strategies we can use to make sure we’re setting our child up for success and helping them handle the stress and frustration that can come when they are feeling overwhelmed.

Melanie Wilson

Psycho with 6

Conflict Resolution Skills You Must Teach Your Children

As a psychologist, I spent much of my time teaching clients how to resolve conflict – in marriage, families, and with peers. When your child learns to manage conflict, he will get along better with his siblings, his friends, and with you. But she will also avoid the high cost of not learning these skills early on. In this session, you’ll learn how to teach this critical life skill. You may learn how to better manage conflicts yourself as well.

Ginny Kochis

Not So Formulaic

Gifted and Twice Exceptional Homeschooling: Raising, Teaching, and Loving Your Poppy

As the parent of a gifted or twice exceptional, your know your child is more: more sensitive, more creative, more curious, more intense. Homeschooling provides a safe harbor for your poppy, a place to pursue special interests and learn at her own pace without facing the challenges of the traditional classroom. In this workshop, homeschool mom and gifted advocate Ginny Kochis will show you the key to an effective homeschooling relationship, one which celebrates your child’s abilities in the least restrictive environment.

Starting at the end – homeschooling teens

Parents find starting homeschooling stressful when they have young children, with plenty of time to experiment.

But starting right about the time they need to start thinking about exams, college and university entry, and employment, can be even MORE stressful.

Learn how you can create a fantastic plan and homeschool your teens so they have an amazing education and have the world of options opened to them.

Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau

Marie-Claire Moreau

A Road Map for High School: Creating a 4-Year Plan

Most people carry a road map while driving cross-country, so it’s surprising how many parents homeschool the high school years without a plan. In this highly practical workshop, veteran homeschooler and high school advisor, Dr. Marie-Claire Moreau, explains the benefits of having a detailed plan for high school, and the importance of following it throughout the next four years. You’ll watch as Marie-Claire demonstrates exactly how to create a structured plan, and how to build in the flexibility you need to handle road closures and detours along the way. Why not take the scenic route through high school, instead of being stuck in traffic? You’ll leave this workshop more confident, more organized, and armed with the most valuable tool for a peaceful driving experience!

Kim Santee

Learning Hypothesis

Homeschooling Science in the Teen Years

Homeschooling in the teen years can be intimidating to say the least. When you throw in science, it can be downright overwhelming. It doesn’t have to be. It all becomes easier when you understand the science options, reasoning behind a typical sequence of science courses, and the wonderful options outside the typical sequence. At the end of this workshop, you will have a four year science plan drafted that both you and your kids can be happy about.

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